Voice of the Vulnerable Voter – A Poem

All I read, all I hear, is “WATCH, VOTE, CHOOSE”

Yet I feel like I’m trapped: situation  ‘lose / lose’.

I’ve watched your debates, consumed farce photo shoots;

I perceive nothing more than dull males in dour suits

Spunking  words of betrayal, corruption, and vice,

And flaunting our fears like emotional dice.

You’ve told who to hate, show me something to love –

I’ve got no power, I’m scared; you’re above.

I’m told to believe what I hear, what I read

then I’m told that those tellers self-serve and may feed

those in power. Backstabbers with blind bigotry:

Stop playing each other. Do something for me.

I’m staring at vagueness, I’m vulnerable, small,

Deciding my vote, but  I’m not sure at all.

Why couldn’t you be honest? Why wouldn’t you be true?

Now I feel like just flushing your shit down the loo.

You’re taking advantage of my feelings not knowing.

I’m relying on Russell, and Zoe, and Owen

for thoughts and opinions; I’ve lost my own, they

Dwindled, confused, as I listened to you drone.

Where’s my voice? Where’s my choice? Need to angrily shout,

But campaigning is draining, my energy’s run out.

The people, impoverished, they’ve lost their thrust –

Those pawns in your game. So who do I trust? I’ve felt

Loss of funding; low morale, the effects. You’ve fucked

Local government and now you expect

That I’ll just believe you, not saying a word!

Well you’ve nearly achieved it – I haven’t felt heard!


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