For instant relief, simply reframe & imagine


Two of my favourite articles this week were written by Victoria Coren Mitchell and Joan Smith (links below); the key ideas which stuck with me from each piece respectively were those of ‘reframing’ and an ‘imaginary past’.

All of the bigoted ideas and arguments, put forth by people such as Seldon (head of a school) or Putin (head of Russia) seem to come from a place of fear and a denial of inevitable societal change.

If you must hold bigoted views, at least be honest about how social progression is making you feel uncomfortably vulnerable and insecure / frightened. Stop reframing reality and your own opinions to create an imaginary past which you can then use as a benchmark by which to accuse everybody else of moral deviance. As it is, you seem incongruently disingenuous, at best.

Now please read these!:


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