Stop Semi-Helping!


Can we please stop offering tit-bits of help, for the sake of party-political gain, to those who can’t afford to refuse it and, instead, address each kind of problem as a whole which requires unbiased expertise and reform?

I have just made the decision to use the mobility component of my Disability Living Allowance benefit to take out a lease on a car – the ‘Motability’ scheme. I’m very grateful, of course, but I don’t fully understand it…. I’ve been given a car because I’m disabled but which bit of money do I use to pay for petrol? I’ve been given a car because I’m disabled but I have to pay extra to get one with an access ramp. Surely it’s a given that a disabled person will need to travel in their car and, indeed, access it (just as with a non-disabled person).

Some other examples of ‘semi-help’ which I’ve noticed (delivered in the imagined voice of the proverbial ‘powers that be’):

“Accept your essential household energy supply from a limited choice of providers but be prepared for the price of it to be capped/ unaffordable/ hastily increased (delete in accordance with political debate).”

“Accept essential help to buy a property in which to live but understand that this will generally raise house prices and make them even more unaffordable”.

“Save every life that you can but, before you start resuscitation procedures, check each human being’s paperwork to ensure that they are legally entitled to your medical skills”.

“Gratefully use daily essential services provided by migrants but accept that your government encourages a generally hostile and unhelpful attitude to migrants (pay special attention to slogan-covered vans)”.

“Keep your job, which provides essential services to society, but lose your pension rights”.

“Take a council house because you are vulnerable and need some help but go on a waiting list for one without a spare room and then find somewhere else to keep your hefty medical equipment or your on-call carer or your precious loved one who comes to visit”.

“Follow our governmental guidelines: live a long and healthy life but be aware that this will inevitably cause old-age at which point we will not be able to afford to properly care for you”.


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