Open Letter to my Carers


Dear ladies,
I want everybody to know how valuable and vital your work is to me: hard work, and so much more. You are amazing, it is people like you, who care for the vulnerable people in our society and then go home and run a household and a family, who make the world go round. Without the hard and dedicated work of people like you this world would stop functioning. I am so grateful.

Thank you for giving me space when I am grumpy first thing in the morning; thank you for being patient as I can’t decide what to wear; thank you for having ‘seen it all before’ as I share something embarrassingly personal with you; thank you for battling with my heavy wheelchair whilst still smiling; thank you for having a laugh with me; thank you for being discreetly understanding when I need you to arrive an hour later in the morning due to a ‘gentleman guest’; thank you for remembering how I like my pillows arranged; thank you for being a shoulder to cry on; thank you for taking the pressure off my mum and dad; thank you for supporting me and staying with me when I had to change your payment system due to a cock-up at the benefits department; thank you for enabling me to still live a normal life!!!

You deserve so much more remuneration than I am ‘entitled’ to give you according to the government. You help to keep us all going and I wish your amazing work could be more recognised.


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