A Fearful Plea


As a normal(-ish) woman from the UK, not a journalist, or a politician, or an expert in the history of conflict in the Middle East, all I am able to do is trust others to provide me with information and to make decisions in my name. It scares and frustrates me.

And as a normal-ish woman, all I can do is imagine a normal-ish woman from Syria whose children have been maimed, whose parents are afraid, whose government doesn’t listen and I can imagine myself screaming in angry terror at those leaders from around the world, whose fierce and posturing rhetoric echoes “CHEMICAL WEAPONS, CHEMICAL WEAPONS, CHEMICAL WEAPONS”, pleading with them to: Stop! Just stop! Don’t make this darkness worse for us because, at the moment, you’re all we can rely on. Find a way to make this work. Form a process, not an inconclusive destructive thud. For the sake of the children we still have…..….. please…………


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