Personal Criticisms


“Humanize something free of error”…… I’m struggling with this phrase and how to make it mean something for an interesting and insightful blog. It would have been ideal for what I was trying to say in my last blog which, to summarise, was supposed to be about how we all try to pretend that humans are perfect when we are actually cruel creatures.

Actually, I don’t feel that my last blog was my best. I think it sounded interesting in my head but, once written down, it came out wrong – too complicated. An error, if you will. But humans make errors.

Sometimes blogging feels pressurised. A commentator puts themselves open to criticism which, as Helen Lewis found out this week, can feel very personal and, I imagine, exhausting. That seems to be the environment in which we live: say something as a professional and face personal repercussions. But I think what I have realised as I’ve been blogging and tweeting for the past few months is that my favourite professionals are the ones who do humanise their work to make it personal; giving themselves.


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