To-Do, and To Keep Doing


I attended the Manchester People’s Assembly on 27th July, where I experienced many mixed emotions; excitement at being in a room with plenty of like-minded people; sadness at hearing the stories of other people’s battles so similar to my own; anger at how we are all being treated; hope from the feeling that together we can be heard and demand change.

Whilst I sometimes feel that on my own I am, well…. on my own and as though the mere thought of fighting can be exhausting, on Saturday I felt part of a valid and important group who could together, find the strength to share their injuries and protest. But it is crucial that, as @OwenJones84 suggested to us, we don’t only view our feelings of shared experience as ‘therapeutic’ and feel better for getting problems off chests, but that we now follow through on those ideas for change.

The People’s Assembly is a good thing: it gets people, with a long list of things to do, to get together and support each other in doing them.

p.s. Does this blog seem a bit ‘lack-lustre’ today? I feel it, as you might have noticed. I guess this is just part of the endless slog and battle that I, and many others, face day-in day-out. Some days I can manage the enthusiasm and change-making rhetoric, and some days I can’t. That’s why I’m glad I’m part of a movement now: on my down days I still have the knowledge that “we are many”.

29th September – National Demonstration, Manchester!!!


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