Emotional Barriers


I like this one! I smiled as I read it. With my ‘therapist’ hat on, I’d say it’s a bit of a classic: “Don’t be afraid of things because they’re easy to do”. It’s about barriers, the barriers we erect ourselves to prevent a change of which we are in control.

There are sooooo many things on my mental ‘to-do’ list which could be achieved if I just got on with them. Some big, some small. And I would feel better if I did them.

For me it’s a fear of failure or rejection. This blog is an example: for a long time I have felt the urge to write and I know that I’m quite a good writer so it really is something that should come easily. And yet I’ve been afraid. I suppose I was afraid that if I started it, it would have to be good and, furthermore, it would have to end at some point – as does everything.

I could apply this Oblique Strategies card to so many areas of my life; start a novel; improve my relationships; be honest and frank with the person I’m in love with.

Some things would be easy to do if emotions were uninvolved. We need to ask ourselves why we need to shield ourselves from the consequences of our actions.

p.s. have just realised, one of the things I’m afraid to do even though it would be easy is to put this blog on facebook where people who I know will see it…. ooooooh maybe another day


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