An Understanding of Courage


Last night was so fun. I’m so proud of myself for getting out there.

I thought it rather pleasing last night when I thought of a dilemma which I would like my Oblique Strategies cards to help me solve so this morning I decided to use the cards to tell me how to get through my hangover day. The answer….. “Courage!”. I found that quite funny. And fitting, many people do act rather pathetically on hangover days.

However, I felt that, for this blog, I was going to need to come up with something more meaningful than a hilarious hangover story. I did the classic ‘thinking about what Courage means’, it sounded a bit like a primary school assembly. In fact, I thought going out last night was quite courageous of me.

But the answer really came to me after I saw a Twitter post by @OwenJones84. After writing a succinct and invigorating article for the Mirror about racism and the EDL, Jones received a ‘hate mail’ letter, a photo of which he attached to his post. I read it. It was disgusting. Owen, I realised that what you do, your writing, the way you share your beliefs, the way you absorb yourself in causes which you know to be worthy – that is Courage.

I don’t want this to come across as patronising but I also found it courageous of you to post that letter onto Twitter, Owen. You put yourself out there. It’s people like you who have the ability to shift society for the greater good.

Courage to me is about speaking out even when you could get hurt. Be it through journalism, fighting for your rights, seeing a therapist, or plucking up the courage to confide in a friend. This kind of Courage is difficult but necessary.


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