This Works!


I knew in advance that this evening would be a good opportunity for me to use a card. I have this thing (and I know that many people have this) where, even though I always have a brilliant time when I go on a night out, I will find any excuse to stay in if I know that an opportunity is coming up. I suppose it’s a kind of anxiety although I’m not quite sure what it’s about. I know it has something to do with being in a wheelchair, which makes everything a lot more impractical and tiring. This being said, maybe sometimes I use being disabled as an excuse to stay in and watch TV rather than get out there.

Well, tonight I arranged to meet up with my friend. She’s so nice, and I know that she would happily do whatever I wanted to for a night out so that I feel comfortable. The thing is, I know that actually in my heart of hearts I would love to go for a big night out in Manchester. I spent yesterday thinking about whether I should suggest it or not and whether or not I would end up chickening out at the last minute. I hoped that today’s Oblique Strategies card would guide me in the right direction.

So, an hour ago, when I was still feeling a bit nervous about going out for a big one, I turned over my next card and grinned: “Do something boring”. That was all I needed. Fuck that….. Im going partying!!!

Direct evidence that I am highly susceptible to reverse psychology and that we take, from these Oblique Strategies cards, what we want to hear.

My taxi is coming in an hour.


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