starting to like blogging……


After a family argument which left me having a good cry, I decided that now would be the perfect time to open that box and hit my first Oblique Strategies card. It became quite ceremonial, I got nervous about what it would say and what I would do with it. The parcel was quite tricky to open, I became rather vicious with a pair of IKEA scissors in order to extract the actual Oblique Strategies box… Simon Armitage wasn’t a million miles away when he said, on the radio program which inspired me, that it looks like a coffin.

Next, I had to decide what my Oblique Strategies strategy would be; would I shuffle them first or just take one off the top? I decided that I would shuffle them straightaway then place them back in the box and from then on take one off the top. I’ll see if that lasts. This paragraph has made me realise that I’m not very spontaneous. Maybe these cards will change all that.

Sooooooooo….. My first card is (drum roll)….. “Do the words need changing?”. My first reaction is ‘I’m glad it wasn’t one of the ones that I remember hearing Simon Armitage read out on the radio’. I think it might have been an anti-climax for me if it was one that I already remembered hearing.

My initial reactions to this card were in relation to the argument in which I had just participated. Should I ‘change the words’ by taking back what I said? Or change them by beginning afresh and forgetting about the argument? Or maybe ‘change the words’ by taking on board the criticisms I received during said argument and making a change in my life and the way I act?

After a few more minutes, I reinterpreted the sentence as “DO the words need changing?” (Which would probably be said with raised eyebrows and a head tilted to the side). According to this interpretation, I respond with something like ‘well, no, perhaps I don’t need to change’.

I work as a psychotherapist and something I was thinking about after my work today is around acceptance. About a person accepting the way they are rather than trying to change it. I think this card (with italicised ‘do’) could be very relevant to this idea.

As you know, I am new to blogging and WordPress. I’m also not very good at working my iPhone (that’s probably something you didn’t know). Ridiculous as this may sound, I have spent quite a long time trying to work out how I can put a photo of today’s card onto this blog. I think I may have achieved it but it’s going to be hard to know for sure until I hit publish. I guess it is trial and error. Anyway, if you can see the photo, you will see that the Oblique Strategies box is beautifully arranged on my desk just behind my computer with the current card staring at me so that I can look back to it throughout the day. I love efficient arranging. I really feel like these cards are going to be an interesting personal development exercise.

BTW for those interested, if you can see my photo, please note my snazzy Sanderson wallpaper which is next to my desk. In fact, I might tag Sanderson in order to get some interior decorator types reading my blog. If it’s going to become a worldwide success I need to speak to a worldwide audience…. Beginning with people who like wallpaper. hmmmm.


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