Redundant Strategies

Hmmmmmm…. I’m not a very good blogger thus far. The Oblique Strategies cards arrived nearly a week ago and they are still in their parcel; I haven’t opened them. I keep finding excuses not to. Eg., my uni friend came to stay last weekend – we studied English together at Oxford and I felt a bit foolish about my blog when, surely, I should have written at least a bestselling novel by now. So I was a bit sheepish about the mysterious parcel but then it just appeared as though I was trying to hide an embarrassing item such as a sex toy so I had to provide some minimum details about my rather sparse blog. The thing is, I was more embarrassed about the blog than the hypothetical sex toy!

I think I’m scared to tell people who I know about it and, indeed, scared to get into writing it because I’m afraid of failure. What if it’s rubbish or I get bored and let it fizzle out? If I don’t do a good job then this will be another in a long list of hobbies which I have taken up and not completed.

BUT!!!!…. this is what the Oblique Strategies cards are for aren’t they?! To inspire me and give me an inroad into creativity. Also, it could be argued that blogging is never completed: it is surely an on-going process. OK, tonight I will open that box and pick out my first card…………


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