Struggling Along

Still waiting for my Oblique Strategies cards to arrive. Yesterday a parcel came. I felt a sense of dread, knowing that I have now committed to blogging about every card – could I really be arsed? But then, isn’t that what OS cards are about anyway? – to get the aforementioned in gear. Even though I’d been really excited about their arrival, I could actually feel myself hoping it wasn’t them. It wasn’t them. It was some headphones I’d ordered.

Then I was relieved… another day without having to write a hilarious blog with cult status! Why have I set myself this challenge anyway? I constantly find myself chasing achievements which nobody has forced me to attain. Why am I going to do this if I’m not even going to enjoy it? Am I alone in wanting more without wanting to put the effort in? That last sentence sounds appalling; maybe something does have to change, maybe I need these cards!

Today my parents and I took two old ladies from our family out for lunch. When they saw each other they didn’t rejoice and hug and say “oh, it’s been so long!”. They just sniggered knowingly and said “still going then?”. Now I need to give this anecdote some closure with a philosophical summary about the importance of making the most of life etc. I don’t want to  though. A ‘bon mot’ (sp.?) isn’t going to help those old people. We all just struggle along, with good and bad bits, putting pressure on ourselves, trying to avoid the truth.


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