Hello all…… I don’t know who I’m talking to. Ideally it would be one of my idols, one of the strong women I follow on Twitter. Recently, I think I’ve been experiencing an ‘early-life crisis’…… I keep reading brilliant novels and wittily intelligent Twitter posts and realising that by my age (28) I should be well on the way to being a controversial columnist for a ‘right-on’ publication. I also have a list of potential novels which I have not written. I also keep meaning to start watching Question Time every week and getting to grips with my politics (pretty confident I’m left). Just as I wrote the preceding sentence, my Grandma nudged me, pointed to a picture of Prince Harry standing next to his brother and said “I always reckon he’s better looking”. Is this to be the extent of my political engagement? (I agreed with her, obvs.)

Well, I have decided it is time I address my inferiority complex. I intend to write a seminal blog, read by the likes of Grace Dent, Caitlin Moran, and erm…. Russel Brand. These are the Twitter people I rely on to provide me with my opinions. Well not any more!! I’m gonna gets my own!

I’ve got a blog concept and everything…… the other night I heard a program by Simon Armitage about Oblique Strategies cards (radio 4). Well I had never heard of them but they used to be popular in ‘the good old days’; apparently people like David Bowie used them to inspire his creativity. Well I took a leap and ordered some off Amazon…. and when they arrive I intend to tell you all about each one and how I have used their wise and mysterious guidance in my day-to-day musings/stress/work. Not all at once though.


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